1972 Twin Getting a new lease of life!


Workout with some of my fave pedals!

Workout with some of my fave pedals!









Fantastic 1972 Silverface Twin Reverb came in looking a bit sorry for itself with a metal grill.

I Serviced and modified her and now will nor let her go.. my own No 1 Amp:

  • Full recap of all electrolytics
  • Circuit modded to AB763 specs (Blackface)
  • Normal Channel Modded to a Tweed Bassman tone stack (more gain and not so much mid scoop)
  • Reverb and Vibrato added to the Normal Channel
  • Original RCA tubes kept but bias modified to be able to adjust bias on each tube individually (not a matched set at all)
  • Master Volume Removed and a “Soul” Control added (so you can adjust negative feedback) adjusts the whole attitude of the amp
  • 2x Eminence Legend 1258 speakers replaced the too knackered Pyle Speakers
  • Most of the preamp tubes needed replacing (they gave out or became noisy during testing)
  • New grill cloth put on
  • 2 more handles added to make the amp more “portable”

Full pics etc.. here: http://www.smpartizan.com/?page_id=5059