Selmer Zodiac MkII

Selmer Zodiac Ready for treatment!Selmer Zodiac Ready for treatment!DSC_7725LH Gut shotsLH Gut shotsMid Gut SHotMid Gut SHotRight Hand SideRight Hand SideDSC_7730DSC_7731DSC_7732DSC_7733DSC_7743DSC_7744Photos before the cap jobPhotos before the cap jobDSC_7787DSC_7788DSC_7790DSC_7791DSC_7792Triple cap to be replacedTriple cap to be replacedJack socket added for Tremolo SwitchJack socket added for Tremolo SwitchPhotos after all singla caps replacedPhotos after all singla caps replacedDSC_7831DSC_7833DSC_7834Even the back is all nice and clean!Even the back is all nice and clean!Semi open back cabSemi open back cabCleaned up cab and all back together!Cleaned up cab and all back together!DSC_7838One loud and crisp amp ready for sale!One loud and crisp amp ready for sale!DSC_7861DSC_7863DSC_7864DSC_7865DSC_7867DSC_7866DSC_7862 Selmer Zodiac in work done: Recap (electrolytics and signal caps (all but the Mustards!), cab cleaned and dressed. New Euro-connector lead added. Tubes checked and all good and Brimars! (4xECC83 and 2xEL34 amd GZ34 Rectifier) Optical Trem is great! Foot-switch added via Jack socket.

2 thoughts on “Selmer Zodiac MkII

  1. I’ve got a MK2 serial number 4162 which works fine BUT the tone stack last button does not stay in – any ideas?

    • There is a mechanical ratchet on a spring, the spring may have slipped out or the ratchet is bent. I can probably be fixed easily.


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