Mickey B Raphone of Trowbridge:

Got my Les Paul last night – re-built by Stewart Palmén who has done an amazing job – I remember getting my Fender Telecaster when I was 18. Got it from the Kilburn High Road in London – it was a massive deal for me.. I stayed up all night playing it after I got home. Last night i did this again – with just that same enthusiasm – I love this guitar. It was battered, wrecked and discarded and has needed to be lovingly re-built – a bit like me. Right…. got some rockin to do….


Ted via Ebay (Ted Bought the Cimar Restoration)

I received the guitar yesterday afternoon & just wanted to say a personal thank you as well as leaving positive feedback. I am absolutely delighted with it. I bought this initially purely as a nostalgic reminder of the first decent guitar I bought with my hard earned paper round money when I started playing guitar in the mid 70’s. I have to say my expectations were truly surpassed. My original one was sold to upgrade to a Gibson & I always regretted it. I will be gigging this next week & in future as it is so well set up & plays as well as any of my Gibson’s. Cheers. Ted.

Stos Goneos From Bite The Buffolo after P90s installed in his Hofner Club

The P90’s are fantastic stu, they definitely misbehave a little but in a superb way… thanks for such good work and really appreciate what we’ve achieved for the cost thus far! looking forward to rounding up the new projects… and will let you know when we’re back on the road too. cheers mate.

John who bought a Peavey Pacer

Tried the Pacer this evening – wow! It sounds huge! And great tone – much better than the Bandit I used to have. The reverb is as good as you said too. I must admit it originally caught my eye because it’s the same age as me! It was obviously a good year…


6 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. A sin was committed, bought a tanglewood jumbo acoustic on ebay without be able to test first. On its arrival my heart was broken, the action was aweful and down the neck it was plagued with horrible buzzes. Found Stewart on line and contacted him to rectify the problems. He has straightened the neck leveled and crowned the frets and lowered the action. I could not be happier, the guitar plays like a dream now. I knew the guitar had a lot of potential and Stewart has brought it to life. I thank you very much kind sir and I will definetly have you carry out any work I need doing in the future. Also had a Fishmans Matrix Infinity fitted to my Taylor which has exceeded my expectations ten fold.

  2. Just thought I’d share my experience with SMP. I bought an 2nd hand laney amp which had a ‘hum’ problem on testing… the day after I bought it the problem worsened – it was completely silent – no sound from the speakers whatsoever… Oh dear… I was so disappointed. I found Stewart through a recommendation from my local guitar shop (Guitar Bitz in Frome). I phoned straightaway and arranged for the Laney to be fixed and serviced whilst hoping I’d get the amp back in 3-4 days. The following day I dropped it of at 9am and within less than 3 hours I’d got the good news that it was fully working and singing again! How about that for a turnaround! Could not be happier with the service and all for a really reasonable rate. Thanks Stewart

  3. Fantastic work and advice from Stuart on all of my Basses. Peavey T40 rebuild / Greco Rick clone /Maya Jazz bass/ Ripper. Awesome 1970s Fender Bassman Amp that Stewart re-capped /restored !!!!! I bought it fro him ,it is pride and joy ! Quite possibly the best bass amp i have ever played through!!

    Ulysses guitars are serviced by Stewart.

    I will continue to spread the gospel of SMP to anyone i meet !!

    Thanks dude!

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