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8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. hi Stewart,

    The pickup on my Turner has stopped picking up (if you see what I mean). Would you have a look at it for me? phone is 764702 or 07549 606570.


  2. Hi, I have just purchased a HH IC100 combo and I was wondering how old it is. I have had a look at you pics of the same amp and it is almost identical. Mine has the studio power switch fitted so I gather it’s a 72 onwards. I have included the serial number and speaker codes below and would appreciate your thoughts..

    Many thanks in anticipation


    Serial number – 4205
    Speaker 1 – T1460. KE10V
    Speaker 2. – T1460. KE12W

    • Speakers Dates are from October 1972, I guess the amp was made late 1972. Lovely amps, if you want yours service and recapped if necessary I would love to do that for you 😉

  3. Hi Stewart, I was wondering if you’d mind having a look at my Marshall Artiste 50W valve head please? The reverb is badly earthed (I think) and hums.

    Also it’s supposed to be a completely clean sounding amp but now is getting a bit overdriven at higher volumes so I suspect something is not right (although it sounds ok I really like the clean sound. )

    I live in Frome; happy to give you a call or call / email me. 07827988676.

    Many thanks.


    • Sure would love to service your amp, it should have good clean headroom and probably just needs some techie love. I will call you tomorrow sometime (just quitting work for the day now…) Stewart

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