Hofner Colorama (Vintage) Dead Pickups….

Before work with 2 dead pickups...Before work with 2 dead pickups…DSC_6973DSC_6974DSC_6975Great headstock like a strat but with an gibson style inclineGreat headstock like a strat but with an gibson style inclineDSC_6977Pringinal electronics except for one potPringinal electronics except for one potDSC_6979DSC_6980pickup openedpickup openedDSC_6982coper removed!coper removed!DSC_6984SMP Artizan 1 winder ready for actionSMP Artizan 1 winder ready for actionrewound with 5K turns 42swg wire just mananged to get 5K on there!rewound with 5K turns 42swg wire just mananged to get 5K on there!DSC_6987DSC_6988DSC_6989DSC_6990Ready for collectionReady for collectionDSC_6992Interesting wiring I needed to check as it was not quite correctInteresting wiring I needed to check as it was not quite correct

5 thoughts on “Hofner Colorama (Vintage) Dead Pickups….

  1. I see you have one Preh potentiometer and one that’s been changed and was wondering if you find having two different brand pots any problem with difference in roll off? I have a 1965 Hofner Violin base control panel with one bad 250K Preh pot and don’t know if I should change both of try to change only one like yours?

    • I did not find a big difference between the pots, If I had not opened it up I could not tell from the feel of the pots that there was a difference at all. I believe they are Log A pots. An ALpha Log A pot should be fine, try one first if it sounds radically different then replace both.

  2. Hello ,
    I was googling the web for finding details about this specific hofner coloroma model . We have on our israeli forum a member with this exact same coloroma ( set neck , 2 pickups , tail-piece ) I tried to figure out wich model it is and I observed hundreds pictures of coloramas from the 60’s and I was able to find just one perfect match in this post …

    can you provide us please more details about this specific colorama ?

    on ours the bridge is missing and some of the tuners are not originals . we will be happy for any piece of information that you can provide us on this specific colorama guitar . any information is welcome .

    here are pictures of our guitar :


    Regards from Israel

    • Lovely guitars, I do not know much more about them than I put on this page. Best source of information is from this Hofner site lovely guitar!

  3. Hello ,
    Thank you for your reply after a research I Found that it is an Hofner 164 from 1961 . Just in the 1961 model it had a set neck 3 pice laminate . In 1962 they changed to one pice neck and bolt-on construction.
    The 164 came as standard with the trapezoidal tail piece as on your guitar and a tremolo was offered as an option .

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