Peavey Deuce VT Repair and Restoration Project

Got this 1979 Peavey Deuce VT in as a none worker. Stripped her down and fixed a few issues. This amp has a solid state front end and a Tube output stage 4x6L6GC tubes. Fixed the following: – None Working on switch – 3 dead tubes – One pot frozen – Leaky coupling caps in the PI circuit – Bias too cold.. added a variable bias control and 4 x 1 Ohm current sense resistors. Lovely fingerjointed cab that I decided to strip to natural. Great sounding amp! A couple of mods also to the circuit. A 47nF cap added across the 1K to ground in the Negative Feedback potential divider to give some more presence and low pass filtering in the preamps reduced (put in to smooth distortion) this gives her a much brighter sound. My Number 1 amp now.














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