SMP Artizan-1 Design 1×12 Combo Project

Produced this prototype amp using design ideas not entirely original but sounding good in other amps. Aim was to produce a 1×12 combo that can be used at home and on stage with a drummer. Amp to produce own distortion and sound best with just a guitar plugged in though it can take pedals too if that is your want. I am really pleased with the results

Key features

  • Hi and Low impedance inputs
  • Body and Sparkle Preamp Gain controls (effectively giving you a Balance between Bright and Normal sounds) helps you balance your sound for Teles through to real Dark Les Pauls etc..
  • Preamp uses 3 x 12AX7 with a n LTP PI design
  • Standard Treble Mid and Bass controls setup in a Fendery Flavour but late on in the preamp like a Marshall
  • Post PI master volume for low volume Breakup (can get nasty at beadroom volumes)
  • Output stage is made up of 2xEL34 running cathode biased close to class A (hot.. but not damaging the tubes) no need for bias Adjustment with a wide range of tubes and gives some compression when the amp is driven hard.. Sounds good!
  • Lovely Vintage Partridge Transformer with no negative feedback! giving a lovely organic sound and gradual breakup when pushed..
  • Output power around 30 Watts.. (need to measure accurately)
  • Power supply is a pretty standard design with 50uF caps and the usual dropper resistors.
  • There is a Mute Switch (though not really needed IMHO.. but there was a hole in the front chassis that needed filling.
  • Using a 12″ 50 Watt Vintage Fane driver
  • Layout is all point to point with good Copper Ground buses and single chassis earth point for every thing! (no hum..) Looks random but us well thought out made with primarily recycled components..
  • Design Housed in an old Marshall Solid State 1×12 Combo Chassis
  • This amp simply sounds wonderful and makes me want to not bother with my effects board.. Simply role the volume to change distortion level and enjoy!

Will let others try this out and if feedback is good would consider making it with more “mass-produce-able” technology and all new components rather than those lying around the workshop.











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