Sound City 50 Plus SMP Artizan Custom Design

Nice Sound City Shell came in from a customer who wanted me to build him a custom amp with it. I replaced main missing elements and built him a Marshall Plexi style preamp with a tone stack somewhere between Marshall and Fender Values/ Bright and Normal inputs no Master Volume. Standard EL34 output circuit and she sings again!









Comments from the happy customer: “….finally had the chance to properly compare the Laney (60 Watt Supergroup) and Soundcity. I’m quite shocked to be honest! The Soundcity is so much quieter. The Laney has background hum and the SC is silent! Pedals sound much happier in the SC too. I think overall I prefer the SC by a fair bit. Laney isnt going anywhere. But the Laney is now the backup! Still not totally sure what you did on the circuit but sounds great. It LOVES FUZZ!”

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